Is Leonard Susskind the greatest living physicist?

The answer is that Mr. Susskind is not a physicist and should never be confused for one. A physicist is an individual who can explain the physical mechanism that underlies phenomena such as gravity, magnetism, electricity, or the workings of the atom. Mr. Susskind lacks the qualifications to provide physical interpretations to such common, everyday phenomena.

The best Mr. Susskind can do is describe mathematically. That’s not a physicist. That’s a mathematician. And only if the description bears any relation to reality. Otherwise, it is worthless effort and waste of time.

Nevertheless, Science is not beauty contest. There is no race or finish line in intelligence. We don’t give or receive prizes in Physics. No one is knighted for discovering how the Universe works… more so if they can’t provide a rational explanation to the phenomena mentioned above. Those who do grant and covet gold medals are not scientists, let alone physicists. They are in the Celebrity Business. Their goal is the limelight.

The ‘greatest physicist’ is a ridiculous notion that has no place in Science. It’s province remains solely with the drooling masses.

Author: billg

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