The Rope Hypothesis

The Rope Hypothesis is a radical,  21st Century proposal for the workings of the Universe. In stark contrast with the one-way waves, particles, and wave-packets invoked by General Relativity, Classical Mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics to simulate physical interpretations, the rope model proposes that all atoms in existence are physically interconnected. It is thus able to illustrate mechanisms for action-at-a-distance phenomena such as magnetism and gravity while simultaneously simulating light as torsions propagating bidirectionally along a twined, two-strand, DNA-like rope. Unlike Mathematical Physics which proclaims that space is filled with an infinite number of particles, the Rope Hypothesis proposes that there is a single closed-loop thread that weaves all atoms and the EM ropes that interconnect them.

Single Thread Universe


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The Rope Hypothesis

ISBN 978-0-9704960-6-5

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