Traditional religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism have held over the centuries that the Universe is spiritually connected. Here we propose that all atoms are physically interconnected.
The Rope Hypothesis is a site dedicated to a new way of interpreting the workings of the Universe. The assumption is that there is a Single Thread that underlies all matter. What physically binds all atoms is a twined, DNA-like, two-strand rope.
In a nutshell, the theory proposes that atoms expand and contract in a phenomenon known as Quantum Jump. By doing so, they torque the twined threads that interconnect them. It is the propagation of this disturbance (torsion) along the EM rope from one atom to another that we detect as light. These same EM ropes construct the atom and serve as mediators of action-at-a-distance phenomena such as gravity and magnetism.
The following video summarizes the new architectures proposed for light and the atom.
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