Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, and String Theory hold that all invisible, intangible phenomena of the Universe such as light, gravity, electricity, magnetism, and the workings of the atom are ultimately mediated by discrete particles. Mathematical physicists simulate all physical interpretations with particles or transverse waves.
The Rope Hypothesis proposes, in contrast, that all atoms are physically interconnected. Not only does this model enable us to visualize how light works, but it can also explain action at a distance phenomena such as gravity and entanglement.
The following videos summarize the new architectures proposed for light and the atom and how these new proposals provide rational physical interpretations to electromagnetism and gravity.
Neither waves nor particles
Why ropes don’t get tangled
What is electricity?
What is magnetism?
What is gravity?
The Rope Hypothesis in a Nutshell
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  1. Quantum mechanics is a concrete result of the General Theory of
    Relativity. According to the General Theory of Relativity, a clock on
    Jupiter lags behind a clock on Earth. A clock on earth lags behind a
    clock on the moon. they ended the theory here. However, I continue the
    theory with the result I deduced from the Time Flow Formula. One hour
    on the moon lags behind a clock on the alpha ray. A clock in the Alpha
    beam lags behind a clock in the Beta beam. a clock in beta ray lags
    behind a clock in x ray. Concrete results of the General Theory of
    Relativity begin to be seen as masses and energies get smaller. These
    are the same theory. Large masses have a very long life. Small masses
    have very short lifetimes. As the lifetimes get shorter,
    transformations from mass to energy and from energy to mass begin. In
    summary Quantum mechanics is a concrete result of the General Theory
    of Relativity.

    This is a result from the Timeflow Formula. (Timeflow=Time/Energy).
    Every simple physics formula explains a law of nature. In the Timeflow
    Formula; It tells that a time equal to the amount of energy will be
    released in a physical process. You can find more information on my
    website. (timeflow.org).

    In addition,The flow of the thought energy intensity in our brain is
    body pain, unhappiness and boredom, joy, happiness and love,
    sleep, and finally death, respectively, from high energy to low
    energy. At the moment
    to sleep, if we had a good sleep, our thought energy is very close to
    zero or zero. When the energy flow intensity increases in our brain,
    according to the ‘Timeflow Formula (Timeflow=Time/Energy). The
    timeflow will slow down. As the energy density (power) decreases, the
    timeflow will accelerate. In the case of sleep and death, the timeflow
    will be infinite. The timeflow formula explains very clearly and
    simply that this situation, which is perceived as psychological time
    is actually a purely physical event. I think it would be very useful
    for psychology experts to evaluate the ‘Timeflow’ Formula and the
    philosophical interpretation of the formula.

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