How the Neanderthals Disappeared

How the Neanderthals Disappeared provides an alternative mechanism to explain the extinction of a single species: what is known as a background extinction. The most popular background extinction, of course, is the extinction of our cousins: the Neanderthals. How did Mother Nature single them out and leave the remaining animals in the vicinity alive? Was it a sudden climate change that our cousins couldn’t handle?

The Paleontology Establishment and the geneticists will have you believe that humans had something to do with this measurable event, specifically that we interbred with this ‘Woolly Man. This book proposes, instead, that the Neanderthals went extinct like all other species that die all alone and without external help. They went extinct when they lost genetic diversity as all species must after thousands of years of inbreeding. What kills a species in what is known as a background extinction is that its population pyramid finally overturns. The corollary is that humans are on the same unavoidable path.

188 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9704960-1-0
ViNi (2018)

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