Einstein’s Special Relativity made simple

Einstein’s Special Relativity

made simple

ViNi (2014)

84 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9704960-2-8
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2 thoughts on “Einstein’s Special Relativity made simple

  1. Hi! Bill,
    Does your work link in with the Unified Theory that the Vedic Scientists are supposed to have known about 1000s of years ago?
    I have a book written by a medical doctor who is involved in TM meditation, about this and the link with field is associated with symmetry and order in us and the universe.
    How does your work link to Dark Matter?

    I work in health and I work with forces in the ”mind” on myself to heal a big trauma. I also am working with this in my practice as an osteopath. I am looking for the science to understand what I do.

    1. Hi Robin,

      It would be too lengthy to explain. The best way to get a rundown regarding my work is at our Rational Science channel on youtube.
      With respect to the brain and the mind, you can get an introduction to the rope model of light and gravity from The Rope Hypothesis book, which you can download by going to the Books tab here, and by watching two of the latest videos in which I discuss the causes of autism and homosexuality:

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