Einstein’s Special Relativity Made Simple

Einstein’s Special Relativity made simple is the ideal book for laymen who suspect the fantastic physical interpretations they hear from authoritative sources.
Does it make sense to say that you can travel to the past to kill your grandfather or to the future to meet your great grand kids? Does an hourglass (sand clock) run slower than another one which is located higher as Einstein predicts… or do its grains fall faster as a result of being closer to the center of gravity?
Do we measure how many years went by for two twins, one of which is traveling at near-c, with an atomic clock or with the number of rotations of the Earth around the Sun?
These and other physical interpretations are questioned in Einstein’s Special Relativity made simple, a book that is likely to pique your curiosity. You will come face to face with the amusing conclusions that the mathematical physicists arrived at with their equations.

Einstein’s Special Relativity

made simple

ViNi (2014)

84 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9704960-2-8
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