Nila And Bill

These are the final days of the Cold War. The Soviet Bloc is collapsing. The Information Age begins. In this sociopolitical threshold, a solitary Argentine Quixote, working in the heart of American technology and faithful to his ideals, voluntarily contributes specifications of the semiconductor industry to the socialist world through Cuba. But the circumstances force Bill Gaede to surrender to the American intelligence agencies who recruit him for a counterintelligence operation.
What his handlers don’t know is that the spy is also spying on them. As a precautionary measure, in case he is double-crossed by the agencies and prosecuted later as a result of his previous activities, Gaede records and films the agents in order to collect evidence for an eventual trial. His secret dealings are revealed when the most advanced ‘chip’ of the time – Intel’s Pentium – ends up in the hands of China and Iran.
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