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  1. Hey Bill I meesaged u on patreon about paying u to illustrate some concepts for me in video format because I cannot understand Certain concepts by reading the definition, so if I was to send u 10 concepts and if u were to just record yourself having a image up and speaking on the concept and explaining the definition Visually , Can u please consider allowing me to pay to have u do this because without visually seeing it I will never understand these concepts
    Can I pay using PayPal

  2. Hi Bill,
    Can you please explain the following experiment using the ROPE hypothesis.
    A research team led by Fabrizio Carbone at EPFL carried out an experiment using electrons to image light.
    The researchers have captured, for the first time ever, a single snapshot of light behaving simultaneously as both a wave and a stream of particles.
    reference: “Simultaneous observation of the quantization and the interference pattern of a plasmonic near-field.” Nature Communications 02 March 2015. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms7407

  3. Yes you are on the right path with rope theory. I also found there is points connected by ropes/springs which photons pass through creating all matter, one field in my grand unified field theory which solves everything that I’ve come up against.
    First I had to solve the double slit experiment, the solution is that time is 3 dimensional and I provide 3 different simple tweaks to the double slit experiment to triple verify it. That is on doubleslitsolution.weebly.com
    That needs to be understood first then the unified field theory is easier followed.

  4. Hi Bill,
    In reference to p113 components of the gravitational constant.
    I have an alternative explanation that is intuitive and, more importantly, does not leave any unknown factors.
    speed of light = 3e8 m/s
    Plank length (PL) = 1.616e-35m
    Plank mass (PM) = 2.18e-8 kg
    G = 6.67e-11 m^3/(kg.s^2)
    To solve: G = c^2 x PL / PM
    Check units = c^2 = m^2/s^2; PL = m, PM = kg
    G = m^3 / (s^2.kg) = c^2 = 9e16 PL/PM = 7.43e-28
    It is known that 2 objects each with a given mass will attract one another.
    So, G. the gravitational constant, describes the force of attraction the smallest possible object in the universe exerts (you may call it a torque)
    Smallest possible object is one with plank length = 1.616e-35 & plank mass = 2.18e-8 kg

  5. Hi! I really like your theory and how rational it is but may I ask why does the magnetic thread take circular form, what causes it to become circular and form the “electron shell,” and why the electric thread take the shape of a proton star, what causes them to “weave” like that.

    1. These are all irrational Qs. I suggest you watch the Rational Science channel for awhile to get the hang of why they are irrational.

      1. Yeah sorry, I did watch a lot of videos and had before, but it still doesn’t explain why the electric thread goes through the middle and then the magnetic going around, I just want to know what makes that happen, what prevents the magnetic from going in the middle and the electric around, and what prevents the two from mixing together. And if the ropes don’t get tangled then how to they weave around each other which is a form of physical contact. Sorry, my brain just doesn’t understand.

        1. Oh! and if everything is made from the primordial thread, why does it seperate into electric and magnetic when it becomes a rope.

          1. Again, you are asking irrational Qs. It would be wise for you to learn the basics of the Scientific Method.

          2. Since I asked too many questions, here is a little joke (I know you don’t believe in the big bang, and that “belief” is not reality). But wouldn’t the big bang be a giant ball of yarn in accordance to your theory.

  6. Dear Mr. Bill Gaede,

    Have a nice day, I have read some of your interesting scientific articles.
    The positive thing about your Thread Theory is that it assumes the universal connection of everything to everything through mutual threads. So I would like to introduce you to my discovery of the dialectical Unity Principle, within which everything (including space) consists of bipolar connections of opposites (+/-), where each positive pole is connected to all negative ones and vice versa. Please, check out my article:


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