Why God Doesn’t Exist

Do you suspect some of the physical interpretations provided by contemporary mathematical physicists? For instance…  
If any of these physical interpretations strike you as somewhat surrealistic, perhaps it’s time for you to consider an alternative.
Why God Doesn‘t Exist (WGDE) presents a fresh perspective on the nature of light, gravity, magnetism, the atom, and the workings of the Universe in general that is rational. You can understand many of the proposed mechanisms by merely looking at the figures.

WGDE is for laymen who simply want to understand how the Universe works. It’s for people who want to understand the causes and mechanisms that underlie physical phenomena such as light, gravity, electricity, magnetism, and the workings of the atom. The underlying hypothesis is that all atoms in the Universe are interconnected.
Why God Doesn’t Exist
2nd Edition
ViNi (2001)
514 pages, e-book
ISBN 978-0-9704960-4-1

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Why God Doesn’t Exist
4th Edition
ViNi (2008)
514 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9704960-5-8
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