Physics FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Laymen ask questions in order to understand causes and mechanisms underlying phenomena and expect qualitative answers.
Instead, they get cryptic equations and surrealistic mechanisms. The following pages contain typical replies that mathematical physicists provide to causes and mechanisms at the micro (Quantum Mechanics) and macro (General Relativity) scales.
Dissidents don’t do any better, and the main reasons are that all those who oppose the mainstream propose discrete particles and pretend to move abstract concepts around.


Replies to questions and comments will be addressed at Rational Science


General Relativity
How does a concept bend a fishnet?
Quantum Mechanics
How do particles pull?
are for the most part…
Conspiracy Theorists
Geometry 101
…was misconceived from the start!
And geometers still can’t define the building blocks of their discipline: point and line!

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