How have physicists changed their understanding of the universe in the last century?

A brief history of Physics

The so-called physicists and philosophers of the 17th Century kick-started what is known as the Scientific Revolution. No longer would they approve theories that had not been experimentally tested. The most popular example mentioned today of why this change was in the cards is that of Galileo who challenged Aristotle’s claim that heavier objects fall faster.

The notion of the scientific method developed in those days is what is taught by rote these days and parroted by professionals the world over. It is this so-called ‘scientific’ method which has led to early 20th Century General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. It can be summarized as: experiments and Math… followed by the most irrational physical interpretations that a mathematician can imagine.

There is a fatal problem with this method, however. It doesn’t conduce to rational explanations of how the Universe works. The mathematical establishment has quantitative descriptions yet no physical mechanisms for gravity, magnetism, and other invisible phenomena. But this is exactly what laymen inquire about and wish to understand. Hence, there is total miscommunication between ordinary tax-paying individuals and the self-styled college ‘experts’ that are supposed to satisfy their concerns. The former ask, “What is gravity? and “How does gravity act from a distance?” The latter arrogantly reply with evidence, proofs, and equations.

The anachronistic and useless 17th Century ‘scientific’ Method has produced technology [observation, measurement, trial and error], but not a single iota of understanding of how the Universe works at the micro or macro level. The Quantum mathematicians cannot rationally explain how it is that a subatomic ‘particle’ can be at two places at once. So they introduce abstract mathematical concepts such field, force, charge, and time and treat these as objects to provide a semblance of an explanation. Likewise, the Relativistic mathematicians are incapable of rationalizing something as simple as what prevents the Earth from flying out of the Solar System. It is thus that they detour on irrelevant tangents and begin talking about mass and energy and equations.


Paradigm Shift

In the 21st Century, Physics has finally become a branch of Science and come into its own. Genuine, scientific definitions of Science and Physics were in order and overdue.

Science: rational explanations

Physics: rational explanations of causes and mechanisms

In order to rationally explain the mechanism underlying gravity, for instance, we absolutely need to introduce objects. Otherwise, the theorists are simulating the phenomenon with reified concepts and invoking black magic. What mechanism can they illustrate with mathematical concepts such as mass, energy, force, and field? Shouldn’t gravity be explained like we would explain the workings of a motor? Does Mother Nature perform invisible phenomena with black magic? Or is she just teasing us like a magician would: with tricks that are invisible to us?

The most stunning 20th Century casualty of this paradigm shift is the Particle Hypothesis. The classical corpuscle died in the first quarter of the 20th Century. It was buried without honors or prayers by the Quantum ‘particle’: the most breathtaking irrationality to have ever come out of academia. A particle is not a particle, the mathematicians decreed. A particle is actually an ‘equation collapse’ or an ‘excited bunch of numbers’ or something like that. And these fleeting critters miraculously pop into existence from the void at the whim of a theorist just to make the equations come out right. The other-worldly Quantum ‘particle’, together with Relativity’s jaw-dropping ‘4-numberlined spacetime’, is what the 20th ‘centurers’ will go down in history for.

The new generation of physicists are now changing their understanding of how the Universe works, specifically regarding the long sought after phenomenon of gravity. The 21st Century finds us not only with a paradigm shift in the Scientific Method, but also with a paradigm shift in what exists out there. The aether used by mainstream and dissident theorists alike is dumped in the ash heap of history. It is replaced by a single thread that weaves and constructs every atom in existence. All atoms are physically interconnected. They are not connected the Buddhist way [via consciousness] or the mathematical way [by energy or fields]. They are connected by the same physical threads that make up the atom.

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